Cyber Monday Computer Preparation Tips by FixingFox

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Online Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season by Fixingfox – Computer Repair and Virus Removal Services in Rochester NY

Online consumers are gearing up for what is expected to be a huge day in spending on cyber Monday this year. However, before you online shoppers begin purchasing your items online, we here at FixingFox want to give you precaution tips and expert advice so that you have no surprises and are not put at risk this cyber Monday .

Run a Scan on Your Computer

One of the simplest tasks online consumers can do to help prepare themselves for cyber Monday is to do a FULL computer scan on their desktop or laptop computer. It is very crucial to make sure that your computer does not have any malware, spyware and computer viruses.

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In the Rochester NY area, Fixingfox has expertise in removing computer viruses, malware and spyware so that you are not at risk come Cyber Monday.

Use “https” Websites

On a very cautionary and technical tip, Fixingfox can’t stress enough for online shoppers to ONLY shop on websites that have”https” – the extra “S” at the end is a critical indicator of authenticity for online security and encryption. Learn More About HTTPS

Clear Your Browsing History and Cookies

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Computer Repair in Rochester NY by Fixingfox

Did you know that some online stores keep track of the items you browsed? – It’s not necessary but Fixingfox strongly encourages deleting your browsing history and cache cookies as well.

Don’t just take our word for it – Dynamic pricing still happens, especially during Cyber Monday.

Learn More About Dynamic Pricing ?

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Install OS Updates and Security Updates

The technicians at Fixingfox Computer Repair in Rochester NY strongly advise cyber Monday online shoppers to check for updates on their laptop and desktop computers – Microsoft Windows updates or Apple OS updates – and install them well in advance of cyber Monday. Updates are critical especially since some updates are security related and some take longer than others.( It’s important to have them installed with no interruptions). If your computer is unable to install or installation of updates failed, there might be a bigger problem present. (no pun intended and Santa didn’t send that gift)

Bring Your Computer to Fixingfox if you need help with updating your Operating System for Windows or Apple Mac OS

Use a Credit Card for Online Purchases

If you can, we strongly recommend that you use a credit card for online purchases on cyber Monday in order to protect yourself best from fraud. Should you not receive your goods purchased or if they are damaged, you can notify and issue a dispute and your credit card company will resolve the matter. Plus, your purchases are not being made directly with your funds directly as you are using the credit card services towards the transaction.

Go Directly to the Store’s/Manufactures Website

We advise cyber Monday shoppers to try to avoid search engines when looking for deals on goods. It is best to visit and browse directly at the online website of the store for best deals.

Avoid Social Media Click Bait Scams, Pop Up Coupons, and Don’t Open Emails with sketchy coupon attachments

There are a lot of illegitimate and untrust worthy websites and they have also infiltrated social media platforms(such as facebook and twitter) with fake accounts and announcing click bait scams that involve announcing “amazing deals” or emailing malware infected attachments. The technicians at Fixingfox advise cyber Monday shoppers to avoid social media links and coupons all together. Nowadays coupons are most typically in the form of a checkout code or in print version.

Fixingfox Removes Computer Malware and Viruses in the Rochester NY area

If you feel that your laptop or desktop computer is not working properly or if you accidentally clicked or downloaded malware, rest assured that the computer repair technicians at Fixingfox can properly remove the virus, malware, spyware and repair your computer.

Fixingfox Computer Repair in Rochester NY
Computer Repair and Virus Removal Services in Rochester NY by Fixingfox

Test Your Internet Connection and WiFi Signal Strength

Lastly, make sure you are doing your cyber monday shopping on a secure internet connection with a good, reliable connection and speed. The last thing anyone wants to experience is a faulty internet connection, especially when cyber monday deals are for a limited time.

If you are planning on doing your cyber monday shopping on a apple iPad or an apple iPhone, rest assured Fixingfox repairs broken screens for Apple iPads and Apple iPhones in the Rochester NY area.