Fixingfox Informs: iPhone Screen Replacement for iPhone 6 $129 and iPhone 5 $99

Fixingfox technicians decided together in October that they will keep the low cost of repair for both iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 to the low offer price of $99 and $129. The store located on 5 Monroe Avenue in the Village of Pittsford, is Pittsford’s largest computer store and has been established at that location since 2008. Most businesses and many households around the area use Fixingfox for their computer issues and now for their iphone and iPad issues as well.

Replacing a screen or the front assembly on an iPhone is no easy task and that is why not many computer stores and professionals get involved. It is in fact so delicate, that the Apple store won’t even fix your broken glass; they will try to sell you a refurbished unit if you decide to trade in your broken phone.

The process of fixing iPhones is meticulous, screws are very small, and there are many tiny fragile parts and ribbons that can be damaged fairly easily. There is also the issue of the broken glass that may cut one’s hand as well as damage the internal components of the iPhone. Since Fixingfox technicians are highly trained, believe it or not, they make these repairs look easy.

iPhone Repair in Rochester NY
iPhone 6 Screen Repair in Rochester NY by Fixingfox. Fixingfox is located at 5 Monroe Ave. in the Village of Pittsford Visit Fixingfox’s Website

Fixingfox’s iPhone repair is probably the lowest price service they offer. So affordable that for $129 it is not even worth the risk of buying the part and doing the work yourself. Fixingfox technicians get at least 4 to 5 iPhones a week that are broken because an individual decided to watch a video on YouTube, buy a third party cheap screen online and do the work themselves, thus breaking something else on their phone. The reason behind the low price of $129 for iPhone 6 front assembly repair is the fact that Fixingfox was founded on the principles of always keeping up with current technology, keeping the prices low and the quality high.

The $129 flat fee for parts and labor has been a great hit among iphone 6 owners. This was not something that Fixingfox advertised heavily, however word to mouth amid the people of Rochester quickly found out and the Pittsford repair facility has been busier than never before.

Bill Gates put a computer in every desk and as a consequence to that Fixingfox was founded, however we are now in an era where Steve Jobs placed a computer in everyone’s pocket and Fixingfox once again quickly adapted to this new era.